Our Story

 Hello and Welcome Here.

Thank you for visiting. I’m Eleni Christina, the woman behind the scenes, creating, and designing the pieces you see here. Since I can remember I have loved making jewelry. There is something special about wearing a piece that can make you feel beautiful. Since becoming a Mama nearly 5 years ago, I really dove in and started focusing on what I wanted. That was for women around the world to be wearing my pieces.

I often get asked, "Why Lily Dawn?" This brand is inspired by a combination of 2 very important women in my life. Lily, my Nana, who is sadly no longer with us, and Dawn, a dear friend who has always pushed me to go for exactly what I wanted.

 Whether you are here to find a beautiful, meaningful piece of jewelry, or something you can easily put on and have fun with, there is something here for you. I am always open to custom orders so please don't be shy to ask. I will work with you to make sure your vision comes to life.


Eleni Christina